Booking Information

WARNING! From 29.05 to 15.06: 

  • only stays of 7 or 14 nights are allowed.
  • arrivals/departures exclusively on FRIDAY / SATURDAY / SUNDAY.
During all other periods:

  • free arrival/departure
  • minimum stay of 7 nights from 29/05 to 06/09
  • minimum stay of 2 nights from 30/04 to 28/05 and from 07/09 to 20/09
If you do not find availability for the days you selected, this may depend on:

  • a.  actual lack of availability of the type of accommodation chosen in the chosen period
  • b.  limitations on the minimum length of stay (see above)  
If you need further assistance with your booking, call us +390426389270 or contact us to check with our staff for any alternative solutions.